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Currently you should have some different knowledge other than your regular academic education. If you go for interview in a company which mainly works for Japan market and if you know Japanese language then you can get preference than other candidate who does not know Japanese Language.
You can search jobs on or or by typing Japanese Language related Job or Japanese translation in search engine.
Currently there is enourmous need of Japanese language translators, or bilingual engineers (Japanese Language + Software or Hardware Engineer) or On-site project coordinator in Japan. Also there is great need of domain Expertise (Mechanical, Automobile, Electronics, Electrical, Finance) as a Functional Analyst in Software companies.

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Now a days there is a great demand for bilingual software engineers in IT companies and day by day demand is increasing. You can easily identify it by browing Job portals like Monster. Com or

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Yes, it is very much possible. If you have good command on Japanese language and English language then you can contact translation agencies and request them to give you translation job. If you pass the test given by that company, that company would start giving you continuous job.
All companies in India or outside the India knows about this test and they may ask you your JLPT level. In such case, it will be necessary for you to appear and pass JLPT test. But, generally all companies have their own translation test.
You can search translation jobs on following websites:,,,,,,
Generally, translation rate varies between Rs. 0.50/- to Rs. 1.50/- for one English translated word depending on translation quality.

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